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BioTalk with Rich Bendis

Aug 7, 2023

How does a region evolve to become a leading driver in the BioHealth Capital Region? What are the secrets behind the successful collaboration between various organizations like MCEDC (Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation), MTC (Maryland Tech Council), and the Maryland Department of Commerce? How does a serial biotech entrepreneur leverage his experience to grow a diverse cross-section of businesses, including life sciences, technology, cybersecurity, defense, and hospitality?

In this episode of BioTalk, host Rich Bendis chats with Brad L. Stewart, SVP of Economic Development for Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC). Brad's multifaceted career spans from being a Chief Executive Officer to leading expert teams in strategy and innovation, plus economic development specialists in Montgomery County.

Together, they delve into the MCEDC Life Science support programs, the remarkable evolution of the region over the last 20 years, Brad's new role as Chair of MTC, and the shared values and collaboration in the region. They also celebrate Brad's achievements and discuss the current state of the Life science industry, especially in MOCO and BHCR.

Join this engaging conversation to uncover the strategies and insights that have shaped Montgomery County's economy and the life sciences field. Learn from Brad's leadership and his ability to thrive on complex strategic opportunities. Tune in to this episode of BioTalk to explore the innovative and collaborative spirit that's driving growth and success in the industry.