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BioTalk with Rich Bendis

Aug 20, 2023

What does it take to pioneer groundbreaking T-cell immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer? Join us for this episode of BioTalk, where we sit down with Bill Enright, a seasoned biotech executive with a remarkable track record spanning over three decades. Bill brings a wealth of experience in building and financing both privately held and publicly traded companies, making his mark in various roles within the life science/biotech industry.

Bill offers a compelling update in this installment since his previous appearance on BioTalk. Learn about the intriguing journey that led Vaccitech, a clinical-stage T cell immunotherapy and vaccine company, to select Montgomery County, MD, within the thriving BioHealth Capital Region, for its new site. Delve into the intricacies of their pioneering platform, which harnesses the power of immunotherapy to elicit robust T cell responses and antibodies against infectious agents and tumors.

Get an insider's perspective as Bill provides clinical updates on their groundbreaking work, discussing major milestones in critical areas like HBV, HPV, PCA, and VTB, among others. Explore Vaccitech's path forward as Bill sheds light on their next significant milestones and strategic plans to expand their presence within the United States.

Don't miss this exclusive conversation with Bill Enright as he shares insights into the dynamic world of immunotherapy and Vaccitech's mission to transform the disease treatment and prevention landscape.